TaiHsin’s Story


Formosa Chorus of Dallas, also called TaiHsin (Love for Taiwan) was formed in June 2001 with the primary purpose of singing Taiwanese folk songs.  Current membership is about 40, made up of many with silver hair, who have developed their love for singing and staying connected.  Most members sang in the chorus for the first time in their life, after becoming a TaiHsin member.  Under the able tutelage of former and current conductors, the chorus has amassed a repertoire of over 100 songs and sang many of them in public concerts.
TaiHsin members share a common heritage through their love for their birthplace, Ilha Formosa, their native tongue, Taiwanese Hokkien (a variation of Chinese Min Nan dialect), and their strong family values.  Over the years, TaiHsin members have also developed a strong bond with each other and fondly named their rehearsal facility TaiHsin's Home, where members share personal stories and lend support to each other, behaving like an extended family.
Details of TaiHsin's past activities are chronicled in pictures and various videos on the TaiHsin website, http://taihsin.taadfw.org/.   TaiHsin's story continues...